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Our team prepares you every step of the way throughout the home buying or home selling process, with professional services including:

  • Negotiating a fair market price
  • Complete home staging
  • Locating the perfect property
  • Honest & consistent communication
  • Assisting & advising throughout the decision making process

There is simply no substitute for experience and knowledge of the market. We understand that the smallest detail can affect the value of each property.Learn More >

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In today’s real estate environment, buyer’s representation is an important aspect of your real estate transaction. A buyer’s agent is always representing your best interest and is obligated to inform you of options you may have that will impact your purchase. The buyer’s agent has been trained in negotiations and local market conditions to help…Read More »

Getting Organized to Sell Your Whidbey Island Home

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Getting organized to sell your  Whidbey Island home can seem a bit daunting when you have lived in it for a very long time. If you are considering selling your home this year, make it your New Year’s resolution to get started early. Hey, we are still in the month of January, New Year’s resolutions…Read More »